About Me

Timm and I have been together for 4+ years. Although it is a long distance relationship, we are very happy and hope to someday be together forever! We are lucky enough to see eachother once a month and we LOVE our time together! We have been through a lot and our love has only grown stronger because of it. We are best friends and soul mates. Timm has 2 boys, Griffin 10 and Maxx 8. I have TJ, 11 and Eliza 8. The kids love to be together and get along great! It is a little crazy when we are all together, but so much fun! We love our kids more than anything! Timm is a graduate of the University of Illinios with a degree in Engineering and I graduated from Ottawa University with my degree in Elementary Education. Timm has a great job that he loves with Caterpillar Machinery in Peoria, IL. and I teach jr. high at the best school in Mesa, Az., Kino. We both love our jobs and love what we do.


AEA Advocate Magazine
(Arizona Education Association)

page 19

A little embarrassed that I'm not smiling! Guess I am at a protest! I'm sure it was the cute sign I made!

Eliza Bailey....First softball game
April 4th

Jewelianna (BEST FRIEND) and Eliza
playing first base

I think she takes after her momma!! She did really well! I was pleasantly surprised!!

Chicago Cubs
Spring Training Game
HoHoKam Stadium

Daryl took me with him and his fire crew to a spring training game...I LOVE the Cubs...so I LOVED it!...even though they lost! Thanks Daryl! Love ya!
Thought Timm would get a kick outta this jersey! HAHA!

MY FAVORITE CUBBIE!! Aramis Ramirez...isn't his backside SEXY??

Mike Gallaugher's divorce party
The Monastary

Family Supporters!

Daryl, Mike, Em

Great Grandpa Shumway!
We LOVE you!!!

A lot of the great grandkids
Eliza and her great-grandpa Lynn

Eliza and Abigail Ferguson
best buds!